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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

TSA Gone Wild [Infographic]

A while back in November, there was some talk about the TSA's now policies on full body scanners and aggressive pat-down policies that were rather... ridiculous. Every since 9/11 the government has changed and beefed up to extreme levels that are very close to invading people's privacy. The following infographic demonstrates the TSA timeline as well as events of pre and post 9/11 regarding airport and airliner security.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Tron Universe Timeline [Infographic]

For the last bit of Tron info to offer. If you haven't seen the new movie yet, but played some of the games or seen the first one or some combination of the movies or games from the Tron universe, this little Timeline should help with what events took place when. Funny thing I noticed is that all the new tron games from the DS and PSP to the Wii and the 360/PS3/PC multiplatform are supposed to essentially the same game yet they take place at different times in the time line.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

More Tron Stuff! [Infographic]

Thought I would make a small addition to today's Tron update with some more Tron stuff. Here's an infographic detailing the vehicles of Tron and how they have evolved since 1982!

Also, I finally fixed the image problem I have been having so you can now click the picture instead of the caption to view it in its original size.

Movie Review: Tron Legacy

I realized I haven't done a movie review since Pandorum and I had just saw Tron Legacy in IMAX 3D, along with the first one from 1982 like an hour before Legacy premiered. So while I'm still on the Tron high, the Jeff Bridges awesomeness and drooling over Oliva Wilde's hawtness, lets review this bad boy!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

2010 Cloud Software State of the Union [Infographic + Bonus Video]

Cloud Software, the future of data storage of all kinds. The thought that would be known as cloud software today was actually conceived more than 50 years ago, but now with the power of the internet, it is taking form. The infographics and video today will show the current state of Cloud Technology for 2010. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Now I'm really back! + Dragon Capsule SpaceX Infographic

So I finished my tests and am back home for the holidays. My test was quick, had some crappy shit I forgot about but overall did well. I will now be doing my regular blogging updates. So here's a really cool infographic I found on the Reusable Dragon Space Capsule.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm (almost) Back! + 10 Common Misconceptions Dispelled [Infographic]

Well I have one more final left to tackle tomorrow and I will be home free. My apologies for not updating as often as I would like but now its almost ready for a good month long break, some Assassin's Creed and Blazblue multiplayer, updating my blog, and hopefully rehearsing for my next theatrical project. I will have a lot of time to play catch up tonight and tomorrow afternoon so start expecting regular updates on my blog again.

And now without further ado, 10 Common Misconceptions Dispelled. Lets see how many of these you believe in and how they are not really as you had thought they were to be. I fell victim for the sushi one and the sun fact (number 5 and 6 respectively).