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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Movie Review: Pandorum

So a while back I saw this movie at a friend's house during one of his monthly movie marathons. I had only heard about it once maybe twice before but had never seen the movie or knew what it was about, but that it was good. I then saw it again during my friend's Halloween Horror Movie Marathon and I even caught some things I didn't see the first time.

Pandorum (2009)
Pandorum is a sci-fi psychological horror movie that revolves around astronaut Corporal Bower (Ben Foster) as he wakes up from extended hyper sleep to find that he is alone, with mild memory loss, and a dark deserted ship floating in space with an unstable reactor. After awakening his lieutenant, Payton (Dennis Quaid), who also has memory loss, both of them team up to unravel the mystery of the events that have took place on the ship while in they were asleep.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

This is Halloween!

It's almost Halloween! I'll be helping setting up a party at my friend's house today. So until then, I leave you this. Scary away some evil spirits tonight or tomorrow or whenever you are going costume partying!

History and facts of Bacon

Its kind of interesting that we take a lot of things for granted and don't even know the story behind many things. Everything has a history. From Video Games to... you guessed it! BACON! Here is a little infograph to excite your mind!

Friday, October 29, 2010

How to Fix your Laptop Fan Grinding.

You are in the middle of lecture hall in college, its all silent and you are on your laptop surfing facebook, checking your tweets, and maybe doing homework. Then all of a sudden your laptop starts making this horrible, loud grinding noise and everyone turns and looks at you. Embarrassing huh?

Not only does it become annoying, depending on what is causing the grinding, it could damage your laptop.
In order to fix it,and preferably yourself, you are going to have to dissemble it, but it will be way cheaper to do it this way.

Disclaimer: Opening up your laptop may void warranty depending on the model, especially older laptops. Don't attempt unless you know what you are doing and know for sure that opening the laptop won't void warranty or if the warranty has long been expired. I am not responsible if you damage your laptop in anyway while attempting this repair.
Also, be familiar of anti-static procedures to ensure you don't accidentally damage a vital part of the computer.

In this tutorial, I will be opening up my Sony Vaio CS (Model: VGN-CS250J). You may have to do something different and the components won't exactly be the same but the same process will be done more or less.
My Sony Vaio CS that will undergo surgery.