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Saturday, November 20, 2010

16 Things You DIdn't Know About Sleep [Infographic] and Lucid Dream Getting Started Guide

After a theatre performance last night, me and one of my co-actors were talking about lucid dreaming and some of the ways he uses lucid dreams for his advantage, besides usual fun and game shenanigans you'd find in Inception.

I can't really say more about what we talked about because he is actually talking about testing out his theory with some of his professors who have showed interest in it, BUT I will provide a quick Sleep infographic and a lucid dream getting started guide that I am using that was mentioned in our discussion.

16 Things You Didn't Know About Sleep!
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Lucid Dreaming: Getting Started
Can be found in my Information Library in
Information Library/Science/Psychology/lucid dreaming


  1. Great info. I always wake up from excitement when i realize im lucid

  2. I appreciate people who give their time into making these informative threads

  3. although it may be appreciated, the top one is a bit small.

  4. click where it says "Click here to expand" to make it bigger.

  5. In reverend Cerimon there well appears Following!