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Monday, November 29, 2010

I want to make a quick review: Galaxy on Fire 2 [iPhone App Review]

So I was starting to get bored with my apps and decided to try out some new iPhone App Demos and such, and there was this game that caught my eye, Galaxy on Fire.

Galaxy on Fire 2

Galaxy on Fire 1 was the typical cell phone game with beefed up cartoonish graphics on the iPhone. I instantly found and exploited typical cell phone shooter game glitches and such and beat the story mode rather quickly, and with the conclusion of the story, being aloud to do secondary missions and I stopped playing after that.

However! Galaxy on Fire 2 hit me by surprise. The graphics were maximized and the entire game system was fixed, with a longer more challenging story mode and able to do side missions when ever you want to get more money, unlike GOF1 where you had to do story mode before being able to do missions. I'm actually enjoy this one a lot more than the first one and have yet to finish it.

The set up kind of turned into that of Mass Effect, with Star Wars dog fighting in space rather than 3rd person stand offs in spaceships and on planets.

I totally recommend this game if you are into Space Shooters and have an iDevice on you.

GOF1 is currently free for a limited time
Galaxy on Fire 2 costs 6.99 and is integrated with Game Center.


  1. GOF1 is currently free? I think I'll have to try it. If I like it, maybe I'll get the second one...

  2. nothing better than glorified minigames.

  3. oh wow looks awesome i will have to look into it

  4. Seems great, I'll try it if I can have it for free :).
    Thanks for the review ;)

  5. looks good, but i'm not buying an ipod just to play it! :G

  6. Shiny lights and spaceships? Definitely looking into it.