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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Game Industry Confident That Court Will Go Their Way


Game Industry seems confident the California Ban on violent video games will be pwned (had to) and that the Court will side with them.

 Just for a little refresher, back in 2005 a bill about a ban on violent video games was sent in to fine the sellers and minors who sell and purchase the game respectively $1,000. Although it was blocked in California courts and several other states where it was attempted to be implemented the Supreme Court has decided to hear the case.

The pivotal point in the case was revolving around First Amendment rights applying to the video games in question such as 'Postal 2'.

The Video Game industry already explained about the ESRB rating  and policy around the the "Rated-M" mature title games and can only be sold to individuals of 17 and over and that video games should be given the same protection that other mediums have to freedom of speech under the First Amendment.

Rich Taylor, vice president of communications at the Entertainment Software Association, had this to say:

 " video games are deserving of same protected constitutional rights as any other medium. There's a real danger in deciding to let the government take the role of parent. You're going to see natural bleed over. One reason a book publisher, the movie and music industry and broadcasters all put in briefs supporting our cause is they see the danger."

Vince Desi, CEO of independently owned video game publisher Running With Scissors said this regarding the case.

"I'm hoping for a unanimous decision in our favor because at what point where does it go? On regular network TV there are shows with adult sexual issues. Cable is even worse. Arnold [Schwarzenegger]'s whole career has been based on violence. Books, hopefully they leave alone, they've been around since the founding fathers."
The Supreme Court will announce their ruling later next spring to next summer. So till then, enjoy all your M rated games America.

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  1. Yeah, no way are they going to ban violent video games in california, that would be screwed up!

  2. Not that shocking, but I'm glad you kept up with it (I was letting it fall to the wayside because after looking at the sides I guessed where it was going). The problem is that they don't really have a leg to stand on. They are arguing with a solid system that has been set into place that is based on multiple other systems that have been working indefinitely and they are providing a feasible alternative.

    Oh well. I appreciate the article none the less. Thank you.

  3. Yeah. totally a bunch of bull crap. The government should never have to be a parent. If parents suck that much, punish them, not the store or child.

  4. my god... where is california going???

  5. All this trouble over stupid parents. Maybe they should take a active role in their kids lives and not let them play games they think 2 violent

  6. Censorship can go FUCK THEM SELVES!!!

    (see what I did there? :D )

    cool article.

  7. and what happened to out amendment rights??

  8. fuck them!!!! i'm old enough already but, kids need violence YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAa

  9. pretty nice blog you have, gonna keep an eye on this.

    check out my blog some time.

  10. yea that shits not gonna pass. because then theyd have to ban violent movies. it just doesnt make sense.

  11. they already have a game rating wtf more do they need lol , Fuking dumb parents...

  12. for certain games it's impeding 2 of my rights.

    Freedom of speech and bear arms (SHOOTAN GAMES.)

  13. This has been up in the courts before in different states, the video game industry hasnt suffered any so far. I doubt they well.

  14. I agree with CrispyPeanutButter on this

  15. It's hard for me to care too much though