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Monday, November 1, 2010

Facebook... how big is it?

Do you have a facebook? How about your friends? And your family? Please tell me your pet doesn't have one? Really? Jeez son.

Facebook is the biggest Social Network on the internet. How big you say? Well take a look at this infographic and find out!


  1. yikes! i hate facebook but i feel like i have to log in just to keep family members appeased...ugggg

  2. I despise 99% of the people who are on my facebook. Then again I'm a snobby asshole.

  3. I bet half of that are people who make facebooks for their pets or fridges.

    "Oh hey, guess what my fridge has a facebook now! You should become it's friend."

  4. This is pretty sad if you ask me.

    Especially since I have some friends who have facebooks for their pets.

  5. never used facebook, twitter is cool tho