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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Glowsticking - An Instant Addiction

So yesterday I helped my friend set up his birthday party. It was a rather small party but we had about 15 people total. Some of my lady friends really wanted to dance while everyone else was kind of shy or self-conscious about it.

So me and a some of my friends decided to get a ton of glow sticks for the party city near by and we ended up putting a rave show for everyone. We found this experience to be something different, fun, an exciting. And we were playing with the glow sticks even after the party was over. We got hooked.

I did some research, looking up youtube videos and beginner guides for glowsticking. turns out even the easy beginner moves are somewhat hard to do if you aren't moving your hands right, especially if you are doing glow-stringing. I saw some pretty impressive light effects like the ones seen in the picture.If you are a raver or at least have been to a rave, you've probably seen some trippy stuff like that (hopefully not while you were on something).

I did some of the exercises and basic moves such as the figure-8, tracing, and threading while freehanding, which I like a lot more than glowstringing but I've managed to mix them up a bit.

I'm most likely picking this up as a hobby with friends, so the next time there is a rave party going, we can provide some visual glow in the dark mind blowing entertainment (while people are on tablet-based mind altering entertainment lol).

And that is all for the this weekend.


  1. Sound fun! I haven't been to a rave, tho

  2. They do look crazy with the trails!

  3. sounds awesome. Bet u guys had a ton of fun doing it

  4. I've actually done a bit of glowsticking. not very good, but it's a HELL of a lot of fun

  5. interesting..I want a new post..:)

  6. Ive never got it, i think you need to be on X to get the real treat o f the lights.

  7. looks like youre ready to start raving

  8. Sounds like a lot of fun,
    I used to go to glowraves etc.
    Very tiring but I love the pictures they always turn out so interesting

  9. yep...glowsticks are a great source of fun in the dark