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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

U.S. Supreme Court Makes Funnies As Violent Video Game Case Kicks Off

Phoenix Wright is our Defense Attorney during this case.

Couple days ago I had posted about the the Supreme Court Case on the California Violent Video Game Ban. See what the Judges had to say!

The California Violent Video Game Ban infographic.

So the Judges don't appear to be taking the California Law very seriously after all as I had feared. This is actually a good and funny thing considering the Justices are cracking up some funny video game jokes. And one them surprisingly knows what Mortal Kombat is! here is excerpts of a couple of their exchanges!

Justice Kagan: Do you think Mortal Kombat is prohibited by this statute?
[California deputy attorney general Zackery P.] Morazzini: I believe it is a candidate. But I haven’t played the game and been exposed to it sufficiently to judge for myself.
Justice Kagan: I am sure half of the clerks who work for us spent considerable amounts of time in their adolescence playing [it].
Justice Scalia: I don’t know what she’s talking about.

And from Justice Sandra Sotomayor:

“One of the studies, the Anderson study, says that the effect of violence is the same for a Bugs Bunny episode as it is for a violent video. So can the legislature now, because it has that study, say we can outlaw Bugs Bunny?”

And from Justice Antonin Scalia:

That same argument could have been made when movies first came out. They could have said, oh, we’ve had violence in Grimm’s fairy tales, but we’ve never had it live on the screen. I mean, every time there’s a new technology, you can make that argument.
(Excerpt can be seen in here)
You can view the full transcript here for along with another website's input on the issue and here for the full PDF!

I think we can see this result for the California law...


  1. that's not a judge
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  2. thanks for that informational poster

  3. haha the picture of the game brings back memories

  4. holy crap, i wish i was into gaming as much as i was as when i was a kid. damn those were fun years.

  5. lol thats amusing, at least they know its bull.

  6. I played crash bandicoot as a kid...I didn't have a mad desire to crush crates and eat peaches after playing.

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  8. very good post man, keep itup

  9. At least they are looking at the facts sensibly and not trying to ban something purely based on their religious/moral/ethical views.

  10. but I like playing violent video games...

  11. my god, a justice that does justice? unpossible!

  12. I was happy to see how much respect video games were being given as a media. I guess it is a thirty something year old industry now. Anyways thanks for keeping us posted mate!

  13. The supreme court should have other stuff to do besides this